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Home Repairs, LLC

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Services & Benefits                                             Rot Never Sleeps

Description of Services

We offer a variety of rotting wood replacement services.  We remove, replace, install or in some cases give a quick fix for the homeowners needs.  We have developed special techniques which allow us to provide a wide array of solutions to fit a client's particular needs, including:

  • Primer & Paint
  • Wood Preservation
  • Remove Mold
  • Upgrade Windows & Doors
  • Termite Damaged Wood Replacement
  • Upgrade Sidings, Trims & Fascia
  • Vinyl; Hardy and Wood Soffets
  • Stucco Upgrades
  • Home! Office! Apartment!

*Repair * Upgrade * Remodel*

We can repair, remove or replace anything in or outside your home

Benefits Include:

  • Documented job & client list for the last 4 years.
  • Insured and licensed LLC in Hawaii since 2007 with over 100 completed jobs. References and pictures available!
  • 24 years of overall construction experience with 18 devoted to carpentry (framing and remodeling).
  • Home repairs vendor since 2000 serving 3 different & unique markets, Florida, California, and Colorado.
  • Eye for detail; this means an organized, clean job site.
  • Utilizing a combination of carpentry and building techniques accumulated from five previous (and great) states and many challenging climates.
  • Specialized treatment for decaying, rotting and termite damaged wood.
  • Tracking down the original problem and correcting it.
  • Finishing on time, delivering a turnkey job.

Customer satisfaction, follow up calls, website support, professional documentation, including digital photos with reports if necessary.